80% of Getting a Job

is Standing Out

80% of Getting a Job is Standing Out

FullCandidate helps you highlight the subtle difference between “I want it” and “I deserve it”.

Create an Identity

Lost in a vast crowd, how will they find you? Create a unique URL – a gateway – which a potential employer will access to reach your FullCandidate profile swiftly and effortlessly. When the Dream Job finally decides to call, you better be on speed dial.

Make an Informed Decision

What one finds trivial, another may find important. The solution? Collect everything. On FullCandidate, find every bit of information you may consider vital to make a decision in a glance, whether it is about the prospective team’s tech stack or the position’s compensation and benefits.

The Richter Scale

Let the numbers do the talking. Make an impact with assessments and accomplishments quantified by self-service online tests.

And For the Unquantifiable

Finally, for what can’t be conveyed in numbers, create a minute-long greeting video to introduce yourself. Vetted credentials combined with an introduction video mean that a potential employer is already acquainted with you, thereby increasing your chances of being hired.

Ultra-Personalized Search

Candidates can find jobs “remote” or “near me” by sorting jobs by location and commute time. The personalized search can be ultra-personalized by further sorting by working hours, company rating and more filters to be soon introduced.

Refer Friends to FullCandidate

Treat as you wish to be treated. Wouldn’t you be delighted to be referred? Know someone suitable for the job? Refer him or her and earn bounties.